“Where the River Meets the Sea” gallery is up

The complete and finished “Where the River Meets the Sea” gallery is up!

The gallery features long exposure work that spans 3 years and many a cold night.

Please check it out. Enjoy!

Where the River Meets the Sea

This is a collection of photographs taken on a small stretch of southern California coast named River Jetties. It is the kind of place that on no two days will look the same, yet will always stretch out seemingly forever to the horizon. For this reason, I became enamored with the place, going there often for quiet, for perspective and for humility.

The photographs on these pages were taken with film cameras using shutter speeds ranging from the typical 60th of a second to the much longer 120 minutes. Holding the shutter open for this long means that frame of film inside the camera is absorbing much more light at once than the human eye is able to.

While I stand at the edge of the water and peer into the blackness beyond me, the camera is being flooded with a compounding stream of light. Printed, these images present us with hours of observation all at once.

For me, these images illustrate that which alone, I could not. Longing, patience, fear and hope touch me in ways I cannot see, and may not understand, but I have come to find beauty and peace in allowing myself these human limitations.

I hope these images speak to you as well. Thank you for spending time to look at them.