documentation - event in progress

Tour de Pollak is an installation/participation event created in collaboration with James Mattise. 42 bicyclists responded to a call to come to a cyclist event, and participated in cycling inside an institutional building with looping interior pathways. The event began with one rider, and each time the rider completed a lap another cyclist would join until all cyclists were riding the interior of the building, then the process would reverse.

As the riders were waiting to join into the circuit, they were having studio portraits taken, which were compiled into a book. The event also generated a 4 channel surround sound piece as it was recorded with a microphone in each corner of the building.

Special thanks to Mel Kobran and Glenn Jodun for taking the portraits. Tyler Kirby and Connor Burke for technical support.

Head on over to MagCloud to buy a hardcopy of the book, or download a free pdf!